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You build their memories.

We build your bottom line
through streamlined sales & marketing.

Sell Out Your New Home Community Faster, Easier and with Less Stress

Intelligent Sales, Marketing & Property Inventory Management Solution for the unique needs of new home communities (developers and builders).





Don’t buy (and juggle) multiple tools or CRMs to market and sell your new homes!  And don't sacrifice your sales and marketing success because of clumsy or useless CRMs that don't help you get more home sales!  
If you're using more than one tool...you don't have the right one! (And...you're paying too much!)
Give Yourself A Competitive New Home Sales Advantage


As a Builder and/or Developer, you’ve probably invested a lot of money on sales and marketing, but for most new home communities following up and converting your leads into buyers consistently and systematically is a constant struggle.


That’s why we created Advantage Anywhere (formerly known as Developers Advantage).  It addresses the wants and needs of real users in the building industry. Designed to support multiple locations and multiple lot/building types, we are truly passionate about your success. 


How about a new home community specifically designed to bullet-proof your follow up and sell more homes?  Advantage Anywhere is an easy-to-use, cloud-based system to create strategic marketing campaigns, and sales leads that generate new business anywhere, anytime. Advantage Anywhere for new home sales will make your life easier and your days more productive. Our most dedicated support team is always available to assist you.  It's an all-in-one system designed specifically for you.






Your Advantage

Online Lead Generation

Generate online leads 24/7 from your website, content marketing, PPC, etc. and have them automatically funnel into your sales and marketing system.  Automatic lead engagement and nurturing campaigns warm your leads up for your calls.


Built-In Digital Marketing & Insights


Don't buy or wrestle with a different email campaign software.  Integrated Email/Print and Post Marketing lets you send and track emails right in Advantage Anywhere.  See who’s reading, opening, and clicking through on your emails


Customized Marketing Efforts


Market like a champ.  Create customized online and offline marketing campaigns and track your ROI by marketing source.  See what marketing is performing best for you with "click-able" reports for ROI, conversion, and much more.


Create Your Own Funnel Through Business Intelligence


Step buyers through the buying journey with suggested follow-up actions and a library of resources at your disposal.


Real-Time Reports and Interactive Dashboards


Access critical detailed metrics anytime, anywhere.  Get real-time "cilickable" insight into your properties, sales, rep activities, buyer profile, pipeline and much more with interactive, intelligent reports and beautiful dashboards.


Integrated Internet and Social Media Tools


Turn the Internet and your Social Media into a lead generating machine.  Research your leads on Social Media.  Post to Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter) in seconds and start generating leads and RSVPs.






Perfect For

New Home Community Marketers

Maximize your ROI by segmenting leads properly thereby improving the quality of you leads.


Online Sales Counselor/Internet Marketers


Developers Advantage makes booking more tours and following up a breeze by putting all the info you need at your fingertips.


New Home Sales Reps


Make more new home sales, follow up flawlessly, and be super organized with rich profiles, notes, history, and all your activities in one place.


Sales Managers, Investors and Owners


Know what’s going on 24/7, make better business decisions and grow your business faster with Developers Advantage’s apps for web, phones, and tablets.


Let Us Build Your Bottom Line


Join the growing number of Builders/Developers who use Advantage Anywhere to sell more homes faster.


Advantage Anywhere for new home communities is specifically designed for the unique needs of real new home sales and marketing professionals in the builder and developer building industry,  In addition, Advantage Anywhere can support and manage multiple locations and multiple lot/building types and sales processes.  All-in-one CRM, marketing, process and follow up automation, social and email marketing, property inventory tracking, visual dashboards and drill down reporting give you the sales advantage you need to sell more homes, faster and with less stress.

Yesterday's CRMs don't help you sell more homes.  You need an Advantage in today's market. 
We are truly committed to your success. 

Get a new home sales advantage using powerful, but simple all-in-one system for business intelligence marketing, sales and follow up automation.

Advantage Anywhere will make your life easier and your days more productive. Our most dedicated support team is always available to assist you.  It's an All In One System designed for your industry.




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